ERC Broadband operates a resilient, fully protected OC 192 SONET optical backbone in WNC with gateways in Washington DC, Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham. Massive fiber-optic networks enable regional universities, businesses, hospitals and governments to transfer data at lightning-fast speed.  

Other fiber providers servicing the region include AT&T, BalsamWest FiberNet, Broadplex, Charter, Comporium, Country Cablevision, DukeNet, ERC Broadband, French Broad EMC, Frontier Communications, Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN), MCNC, Morris Broadband, PalmettoNet, Pangea, SkyRunner, and Wilkes Telecommunications.  

These networks facilitate public-private partnerships and give Western North Carolina technology tools operating at the highest level. Investment in broadband infrastructure has led to Facebook and Google facilities in our region. Capital investment for these two locations is approximately $2 billion.

Private and not-for-profit organizations provide the region with supportive services that include:

  • Redundant connectivity throughout the AdvantageWest region
  • Competitive broadband connectivity and services with multiple providers
  • High performance computing center and secure data storage
  • Business continuity services throughout the region.

Water & Sewer 

Large water and sewer capacities exist in many communities in the region. Several systems were built for large textile operations, and with technological advancements making operations more efficient overall, this large capacity remains.

Western North Carolina communities plan well in advance to update water and sewer infrastructure. The region has benefitted significantly from bond referendums, the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, and federal programs carried out by USDA and ARC.

Electricity & Gas

The western region of the state is served by Duke Energy Progress, Tennessee Valley Authority, and several rural electrical cooperatives and municipal systems.

Natural gas service is furnished by PSNC Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, Toccoa Natural Gas and Frontier Natural Gas.